Bxen Review :
What is the true story of Bxen Trade?

Bxen is a company which is established as a result of 5 years of acquaintance and 2 years of R&D work by 3 partners, using smart robots that has the ability to learn in their softwares.
The Bxen story begins when two American and Ukrainian partners sell the bitcoins they buy from Ukraine on the stock exchanges in the United States, earning a steady income and starting a research.
Afterwards, the Ukrainian partner’s friend in Estonia joins and they start their research as a startup project. 3 partners who continue their arbitrage work manually during the research and software process increase their budgets more.

The research and development phase of the system, which requires advanced software skills, becomes completed in 2 years and they launch the system online.
3 highly successful partners will soon celebrate the rise of their companies by completing the stages of bitcoin trade license in 2 countries.


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